The Classic Bar Necklace

Set the Bar for Excellence with Stunning, Simple Style

Simple and sophisticated, the Classic Bar Necklace features rubies, sapphires, and diamonds set in your customer’s preferred combination and pattern.  Inspired by Byard F. Brogan’s Guard Ring, the Classic Bar Necklace is available in vertical or horizontal configurations.


Livable Luxury:

 The Byard F Brogan Difference

Discerning jewelry lovers know that there’s no substitute for quality craftsmanship. All Byard F Brogan jewelry is made in the USA by our experienced team of master jewelers. Our proven proprietary process for setting gemstones results in the ultimate in livable luxury. You can wear the Classic Bar Necklace, as well as our famous Guard Ring, confident that the craftsmanship speaks for itself. If your look is all about simple, understated sophistication, you’re going to adore the Classic Bar Necklace.


Imagine the Possibilities

The Classic Bar Necklace has been a strong performer ever since we introduced it. Ideal Mother’s Day, graduation, or just because gift. A very popular look for bridal parties. Customizable with other colored stones, layouts and lengths.

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