Eternity Bands

The benchmark for quality and customization


The Eternity Band is a classic design – an elegant, sophisticated celebration of uninterrupted endless love. Byard F. Brogan, Inc. has been delivering premium quality Eternity Bands for nearly a century. Our innovative, patented process combined with superior workmanship and attention to detail results in Eternity Bands that will delight the most discerning customers.

Today’s consumers demand authenticity and responsibility….

We have both.

The method of manufacturing our eternity rings was first pioneered in the 1920’s by Mr. Brogan and his chief mechanic Sam Mack.  A full set of detailed tooling was designed and made in house to facilitate the manufacture of what could be thousands of different combinations of seamless bands.  The company was awarded two patents in the early in1930’s, one for the ring design and another for the method of manufacturer. (https://patents.google.com/patent/US1863617) (https://patents.google.com/patent/US1863618)


Our Unrivaled Process…

Our Patented process has several distinct advantages.


  • Extruded tubing is formed under high pressure virtually eliminating metal porosity for the highest durability and wear performance over time.
  • Seamless construction means no weak solder joints to wear to break loose.
  • Individual azures provide secure seats for each stone and provide access for cleaning to maintain stone brilliance
  • The azuring process further compresses the metal, again reducing any last traces of porosity for the ultimate precious metal density.


We have continued to manufacture our trademark bands according to the same proprietary process for nearly the last 100 years.  Our rings are made in our own workshop located just outside of Philadelphia by a highly experienced team of jewelers, setters and polishers.


One of a Kind

Completely Custom Eternity Bands

Celebrate lasting love and cater to each customer’s personal sense of style with a Byard F. Brogan, Inc. Eternity Band. Our innovative manufacturing process allows for an infinite variety of design options. Our Eternity Bands are available in:


14K Yellow Gold       18K Yellow Gold       Platinum

14K White Gold         18K White Gold        Palladium

14K Rose Gold           18K Rose Gold


Choose an all diamond ring or your favorite colored gemstone, options include the following:


GH Color VS              GH Color SI               Fancy Yellow – Natural

Fancy Pink – Natural   Black                           Fancy Colors – Irradiated

Blue Sapphire              Pink Sapphire              Yellow Sapphire

Genuine Ruby             Created Ruby

Genuine Emerald        Created Emerald


Other colors, both natural and synthetic, available by special request.


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