Every Piece of Custom Jewelry Tells a Story

For these rhodolite garnet earrings, this is how the story unfolds...First we traveled to Tanzania and Kenya to learn more about East African gems - visiting the mines where the journey of the gem rough begins. We met miners, mine owners, mine industry and gem professionals, and watched local students learning how to facet the gem rough.

We purchased these rhodolite garnets during our trip. Examining hundreds of stones to choose the color and shape and size that spoke to us and hinted at the true beauty that lied within.

Upon our return, they were expertly faceted by world-renowned gem cutter Roger Dery, who has visited more then 500 mines around the world and has made nearly 40 trips to East Africa with a commitment to ethically supporting the miners and gem communities that he works with there.

We then created these unique, one-of-a-kind earrings, designed using CAD, to showcase the stones’ beauty. And, finally, manufactured them by hand in our Pennsylvania facility. But that’s really just the beginning of the story.  When our jewelry is purchased, that’s when the next chapter unfolds.

A promotion.  An anniversary.  A graduation. A wedding.  A birthday.  A birth.  There are so many memorable moments in our lives and so many loves ones that we cherish.

Jewelry tells a story.  Let us help you tell your story.