The “Original” TO-6

End to end connection in sizes from .03 to .50.

Great for straight line bracelets or necklaces, uniform or randomly spaced.

Shown on #7 cable chain (1.9mm)

New Drop TO-7

Best suited for a single drop.  Connectors positioned at 10 & 2. Shown on #12 cable chain (1.1mm)

New Drop T0-7 M

Single drop bezel with connectors positioned at 10 & 2. Casted Milgrain Finish Shown on #12 cable chain (1.1mm)

Single Drop with Bottom Ring TO-8

Lariat style connector.  Use this a center and drop one or more

diamonds or pearls below.  Shown on #12 fine cable chain (1.1mm)

Single Ring Drop T09

Use as a drop from the lariat connector or hang directly off a chain.

Shown on #7 cable chain (1.9mm)

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